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Why Preserve Books? The New Physical Archive of the Internet Archive Jeff Kaplan 0
In-Library eBook Lending Program Launched brewster 0
Digitizing All Balinese Literature brewster 0
Internet Archive Needs Your Help brewster 0
Over 1 Million Digital Books Now Available Free to the Print-Disabled brewster 0
SF Event: Books in Browsers brewster 0
Digital Lending Library brewster 0
Milestone reached! 250,000 books from uToronto brewster 0
Millions of documents from over 350k federal court cases now freely available brewster 0
Two Million Free Texts Now Available brewster 0
Awards for the Internet Archive brewster 0
Open Library Redesign soft launch on special url brewster 0
70,000 books from Cornell Libraries online now brewster 0
100 new jobs for scanning in San Francisco brewster 0
60,000 books from Library of Congress go online brewster 0
A Future for Books: BookServer launch event brewster 0
Project funded to add features to a Million books brewster 0
Book Reader supports Zooming brewster 0
Wayback Machine comes to life in new home brewster 0
New Archive Datacenter with Sun brewster 0
Yiddish literature goes online brewster 0
End of Year Message from the Internet Archive brewster 0
NASA Images project launched brewster 0
Milestone: 50,000 free live music concert brewster 0
Books Scanning to be Publicly Funded brewster 0
FBI Gag order against the Internet Archive is rescinded brewster 0
Free Ultra High-Speed Internet to Public Housing brewster 0
Rise of the HighTech Non-Profits brewster 0
Zotero and Internet Archive join forces brewster 0
80 Libraries Going Open brewster 0
More bandwidth brewster 0
Internet Archive officially a library brewster 0
Help correct the scans of books brewster 0
new upload and download count systems brewster 0
Book digitization discussion on NPR brewster 0
Changes in download counts brewster 0
Lawsuit Settled brewster 0
What is Non-Commercial Use? brewster 0
Orphan Works appeal rejected brewster 0
Libraries decide to go open, and 100k books on site brewster 0
100 dollar laptop & Archive books brewster 0
Wayback Machine has 85 Billion Archived Webpages brewster 0
Internet Archive Helps Secure Exemption To The Digital Millennium Copyright Act brewster 0
Tech Award to the Internet Archive brewster 0
Try the new Archive Blog brewster 0
Orphan Works trial Nov 13th San Francisco brewster 0
New Collections this Month brewster 0
Bookmark Explorer brewster 0
Datacenter moved and settled brewster 0
Aug 22nd: Datacenter move brewster 0
Dead update brewster 0
Bookmark explorer brewster 0
Katrina web archive launches, over 25 million pages, text searchable tracey pooh 0
Web-archive-on-demand service for libraries launched brewster 0
Bookscanning Launch and Vision of an Open Library brewster 0
Open Content Alliance: call for participation brewster 0
Please help us archive the Katrina/Rita disaster brewster 0
Copyright law and Orphans: Suggested solution brewster 0
20,000 Live Music Archive Concerts! brewster 0
Orphan Works lawsuit appeal filed brewster 0
Open-Access Text Archives brewster 0
New book collection: color scans, djvu, some pdf brewster 0
Eminem music video stretches the Archive brewster 0
Live Music Archive at 10,000 Concerts brewster 0
The Live Music Archive Needs Your Help! Molly_B 0
Internet Archive Gets DMCA Exemption To Help Archive Vintage Software Jonathan Aizen 0
Bookmobiles in Egypt and Uganda molly 0
Wired News On Internet Archive's Software Preservation Plans Jonathan Aizen 0
4x download speed increase: 1,000 books per dollar brewster 0
P2P court brief from us, ALA, ACLU... brewster 0
Search 11billion pages of the Wayback Machine brewster 0
New York Times: Threat Is Seen to Heirloom Software Jonathan Aizen 0
DMCA hearings to try to allow software archiving Jonathan Aizen 0
San Jose Mercury News: Egypt Building Monument To Tech lenny 0
Christian Science Monitor: Ancient Egyptian library reborn in modern form lenny 0
New Scientist: Way Back When lenny 0
NPR: Library for Kids Goes Online lenny 0
NEW! Compare Archive Pages with DocuComp® lenny 0
O'Reilly/Koman on the Bookmobile and the Public Domain brewster 0
Slashdot: Public-Domain Bookmobile Hits the Road lenny 0
Internet Archive Bookmobile Launch Party lenny 0
Library of Congress Acquires Prelinger Collection 0 0
Donation to the new Library of Alexandria in Egypt 0 0
Internet Archive's Wayback Machine Released 0 0
Smithsonian and Internet Archive to build new exhibit 0 0
Web Archive: Election 2000 0 0
YIL Site of the Year: Wayback Machine! 0 0
White Paper on Public Access to Digital Materials 0 0
TV News Coverage of Election 2000 Online 0 0
Recent reviews 0 0

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